The World of NoSQL

It’s done! Thanks to all for submitting a lot of good abstracts! The preliminary program consists of the following talks – a few are missing because we do not have the final title of the talk yet. We have created various topic groups, which should bring some structure into all the different contents. The final timetable will be released within the next days. We are planning two simultaneous tracks on each day and a third sidetrack for more specialized topics.



Luca Garulli – From Values to Documents, from Relations to Graphs – A Survey and Guide Through the Unexhausted Areas of NoSQL
Doug Judd – Scalable NoSQL – Past, Present, and Future



Dirk Bartels – NoSQL. A Technology for Real Time Enterprise Applications?
Pavlo Baron – Theoretical Aspects of Distributed Systems, Playfully Illustrated
Peter Idestam-Almquist – NewSQL Database for New Real-Time Applications
Tim Lossen – From MySQL to NoSQL to „Nothing“
Daniel McGrath – Rocket U2 Databases & The MultiValue Model
Martin Scholl – NoSQL: Back to the Future or Is It Simply Yet Another Database Feature?


NoSQL Databases

Jonathan Ellis – Apache Cassandra: Real-World Scalability, Today
Muharem Hrnjadovic – MongoDB Sharding
Doug Judd – Hypertable – The Storage Infrastructure behind one of the World’s Largest Email Services
Jan Lehnardt – The No-Marketing Bullshit Introduction to Couchbase Server 2.0
Mathias Meyer – RIAK
Salvatore Sanfillipo – Welcome to Redis 2.6
Konstantin Osipov – Tarntool/Box: Transactional NoSQL Database for Most Volatile Web Data
Martin Schönert – AvocadoDB



Brian Clark – Maximize your Data with Real-time Big Data Analytics using NOSQL Technologies
Luca Garulli – Design your Application Using Persistent Graphs and OrientDB
Peter Neubauer – Neo4J, Gremlin, Cypher: Graph Processing for Everybody
Pere Urbon-Bayes – From Tables to Graph. Recommendation Systems – Graph Database Use Cases



Timo Derstappen – NoSQL: Not Only a Fairy Tale
Chris Harris – Building Hybrid Applications with MongoDB, RDBMS & Hadoop
Axel Morgner – structr – A CMS Implementation Based On a Graph Database



Olaf Bachman – NoNoSQL@Google
Matt Casters – Crazy NoSQL Data Integration with Pentaho
Vincent Delfosse – UML As a Schema Candidate for Graph Databases
Oliver Gierke – Data Access 2.0? Please Welcome: Spring Data!
Alexandre Morgaut – Wakanda: NoSQL for Model-Driven Web Applications
Bernd Ocklin – MySQL Cluster: Scaling to Billion Database Queries per Minute
Sylvain Lebresne – The Apache Cassandra Storage Engine
Ofer Bengal, Yiftach Shoolman – Taking In-Memory NoSQL to the Next Level


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