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The slides of the talks are now online. The videos will follow.

We got rhythm // The triAGENS Jazznight

One night before the conference takes place, our sponsor triAGENS, located in Cologne, invites you to join the triAGENS Jazznight!
We will enjoy an evening in a relaxed atmosphere, provide some rustic food from the Rhineland and toast to an exciting conference to come!
The highlight of the evening will be the fabulous Cologne Jazz-Combo Heike Kraske Quintett. The band will turn the fourth floor in Brüsseler Straße 89-93 (Cologne) into a roaring Jazz bar! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
May 28th, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
Brüsseler Straße 89-93
50672 Cologne
Please sign up at


You won’t get just coffee. You’ll get magic in a cup!

Okay, here’s some trivia. For coffee in a perfect condition the contact time between hot water and freshly powdered coffebeans has to be 25 seconds. Admittedly, the first time we heard of that, was when a barista told us. So we’re quite happy to have a coffee-expert at NoSQL matters…


Thank You for Your Abstracts!

The NoSQL matters call of papers ended in February and our program-committee received a whole load of suggestions. Thanks to all for sending us such great proposals.
With all the excellent ideas that reached us, it has been a beautiful but hard task for our committee to pick out the pearls and arrange a great program. Now that we have selected most of talks, we’ll need to arrange them in such a way, that there is minimal overlap between the tracks!

Next Newsletter coming soon

There’s happening a lot these days, so we also got a lot on our plate to tell you! Sign up in the reminder-field above to find out how an international conference evolves and how we keep working on NoSQL matters!

We’re on Google+

The last weeks have been really exctiting, so we started an account at Google+ to let you know more about NoSQL matters! Follow us there to network with other attendees and check our Twitter account @nosqlmatters, to receive short updates immediately.

New Registration-Tool

We changed our online-registration tool. We’re now working with amiando – which should make it more safe and comfortable for you!

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