Stefan Edlich

Stefan EdlichProf. Stefan Edlich works at the University for applied Sciences in Berlin. Growing his knowledge about NoSQL databases since the early days, Stefan Edlich became known within the NoSQL scene along with his publications. When “NoSQL: Einstieg in die Welt nicht-relationaler Web 2.0 Datenbanken” was published in 1999, NoSQL raised to one of the most important topics of the scene. From Ruby to big data, from table to scale – the variety of topics, that surrounds the work of Stefan Edlich, makes him the perfect candidate to chair the NoSQL conference program-committee.


Achim Friedland

Achim FriedlandTogether with Stefan Edlich, Achim is author of: “NoSQL: Einstieg in die Welt nicht-relationaler Web 2.0 Datenbanken” and a pioneer in the field of NOSQL technology. Currently Achim is project manager, hard- and software architect and engineer at Belectric IT Solutions, earlier he has been working as the head of research and developmentat at sones GmbH. Area of expertise: Unconventional solutions. With his well-founded background, Achim is an important member of the NoSQL matters 2012 program-committee.


Martin Schönert

Martin SchoenertThe Cologne developer Martin Schönert first heard about NoSQL at the age of… well, we can’t tell exactly. But it seems, that he soak up the whole thing with the mother’s milk. Being in business for over 30 years, Martin has worked as project director, developer, product manager, technical manager, in enterprises from Cologne to the US, from startups over IBM to Deutsche Post AG. The mathematician knows the whole field of NoSQL like the back of his hand. Together with Stefan Edlich and Achim Friedland he chairs the NoSQL matters 2012 program-committee to select the finest pieces for the conference program.


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